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Below is a sample Warranty

Remanufactured Turbo 12 month Warranty

This warranty covers your Turbo for 12 months from the date of purchase in respect of workmanship and materials.

The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the turbo. Warranty will not be honoured in cases of damage or malfunction due to improper installation procedure, misuse, neglect, unauthorised disassembly or alteration, or externally induced physical damage.

Your turbo should be fitted by a qualified mechanic – failure to do so voids this warranty.

Your turbo comes with an instruction leaflet which should be adhered to. A complete oil and filter change, and fitting of new inlet and outlet lines, is required as part of the fitting of your new turbo. Your turbo will be fully inspected before a decision is made on whether it falls under warranty. The following will not be covered:

  1. Heat marks on the shaft (blue discolouration and score marks) are indicative of a lack of oil – it is your responsibility to ensure a complete oil change is performed at the point of installation and that the vehicle is properly and regularly serviced thereafter.
  2. Any damage to the compressor wheel or turbine wheel – this can be caused by the turbo ingesting small particles left in your old oil by the removal of the old turbo – a complete oil and filter change before installation will prevent this happening
  3. Damage from ‘hot shut down’. This will appear as a lack of lubrication. Essentially stalling or shutting down the turbo at full boost leaves the turbo spinning at high pressure with no lubrication.
  4. Shipping and transit damage. All items should be inspected for shipping damage within 24 hours of delivery, and any reported to us immediately so we can file a claim with the courier firm. Any claims for shipping or transit damage outside of this will not be entertained.

All units must be returned in their entirety at your own cost, for inspection and determination of cause of failure.
Any unauthorised outside repairs will void this warranty.
This warranty does not cover any claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, unit removal or installation, equipment down time, prospective profits or any other economic loss, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, damage to the vehicle or components or other incidental or indirect damage.